#5 of #10AfricanClassics

Like a chicken - Witch (Zambia)

“You look like a chicken, baby/ baby, you like a chicken.” Fantastically wacky lyric, by Zamrock band Witch, and great happy grooves.

This is how thequietus.com describes the members and their sound: “the immersive fuzz bass of Gedeon ‘Giddy Kings’ Mwamulenga, juddering organ of Paul ‘Jones’ Mumba and smoking guitar by John ‘Music’ Muma and Chris ‘Kims’ Mbewe. The patterns on some of the stone cold drumming by Boyd ‘Star McBoydie’ Sinkala give us a bit of a geographic clue but initially it is really only the vocals of Emmanuel Kanga ‘Jagari’ Chanda that give this away as the recording of an African band. And even then Jagari’s vocals are so mannered and hellaciously groovy, that he doesn’t sound all that dissimilar to Mick Jagger.”

Zamrock flourished in the 70s, and Witch were one of the top bands. Their name stands for We Intend To Cause Havoc. The sounds owes a lot to Airplane, Hendrix and their ilk. (Song via @JCharlesLeonard).

#6 of #10AfricanClassics - Kaxexe –  Bonga (Angola)

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